Keeping Your Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain from Freezing Up

You’ve got this stainless steel cat water fountain, right? Your feline buddy loves it, but when winter rolls around, things can get icy, and the water outlet might just freeze up.


No worries! We’ve got some practical tips to keep that water flowing, no matter how cold it gets.

Tone Down the Flow

First off, slow down the water flow. Most of these fountains let you adjust the flow rate. A gentler flow means less splashing and a lower chance of freezing.

Indoor Hangout

If you can swing it, bring that fountain inside where it’s warm. Indoor spots usually stay cozy, which helps prevent the freeze.

Heat Things Up

Try a heated mat or pad designed for pets. Place it under the fountain, and it’ll keep things toasty, making freezing a thing of the past. Just make sure it’s pet-friendly.

Wrap It Up

Think about insulating the area around your fountain. Grab some foam insulation or weather stripping to seal up any cracks where the cold air sneaks in.

Double Trouble

In frigid weather, consider using a heated water bowl alongside your cat’s water fountain. These bowls are built to keep water from icing over.

Keep It Clean

Ice builds up faster in a dirty fountain. Make it a habit to give your fountain a regular clean, including the outlet area.

Cord Check

Take a quick peek at the power cord. If it’s looking shabby or damaged, replace it pronto. A wonky cord can lead to fountain malfunctions and freezing.

Get Some Antifreeze

You can find pet-safe antifreeze products out there. Just add a smidge to the water; it lowers the freezing point and keeps ice at bay.

Weather Watch

Keep an eye on the forecast. If you hear that the cold’s coming, crank up the heat indoors or throw on some extra insulation.

Plan B Water Supply

Just in case, have a backup water source for your cat. Think of a regular old water bowl that stays inside where it’s warm.


Your stainless steel cat water fountain can be a year-round hit with your kitty, even when the mercury drops. By following these practical steps, you can prevent that annoying freezing issue and ensure your furry friend always has access to a fresh, flowing water supply, no matter how chilly it gets outside. Remember, your pet’s comfort and safety come first!