Guide to Buying Best Sublimation Mugs

If you want blank sublimation items, then mugs are the most readily available in a range of colors, styles, and rim. You can find blank sublimation mugs from different manufacturers, resellers, and distributors in all quality levels. As you know, these mugs are not made equal. You might come across cheaper mugs that have quality issues, shape irregularities, and soft coatings. Since these mugs are available in a range of sizes, texture patterns, and colors, you cannot be stuck with monotonous and boring options. The following are tips to help you choose the best mugs to sublimate.

Find a Reputable Supplier

It is advisable to purchase sublimation mugs from reputable sellers who have a great reputation for selling high-quality products at competitive prices. Also, they should have an excellent customer service and respond to your questions. Finding a reputable company that sell blank sublimation mugs does not have to be difficult. Make sure you read customer reviews and feedback from past users. You should also check its website for security feature.


You should look for mugs that are perfectly round with smooth and straight sides. Most mugs have slight curve and taper to the bottom edge and top rim. This makes it easy to remove mugs from mold cavity. Even then, the curve should be minimal and the area between the bottom and top of the mug as straight and smooth as possible.

When doing sublimation, you want to produce high-quality images with bottom-to-top printing being achieved. Avoid lower quality mugs that come with uneven sides, tapers, and larger curves. All these things make it quite challenging to get quality prints.

Hard Coating

You should note that coatings of sublimation mugs are not created equal. In fact, there is a huge difference in how soft and hard coating sublimates. Although soft coatings need lower temperatures during sublimation, the soft coating makes paper to stick to the mug. It even becomes impossible to remove the paper. On the other hand, hard coating to not sublimate until higher temperatures are achieved. As a result, the paper will not stick at all. The other good thing about hard coatings is that they are dishwasher safe. Thus, the images you print on the mug tend to last for many years.

Even Coating

You should avoid mugs with inferior coatings as they have visible blemishes. In fact, you can easily identify areas where there is no coating. If there is no coating, you cannot carry out sublimation. Make sure to go for a glossy, smooth finish that does not have imperfections.

Rich Color

When you carry out sublimation, you need to achieve rich vibrant color. If this is not possible, then your mugs probably have low-quality coating.


When you use the right settings, high-quality mug press, sublimation paper, and sublimation ink, you can expect to get better results whenever you sublimate mugs. Make sure you get mugs with hard coating as opposed to soft coating. You can even buy these mugs in wholesale to safe money. In this way, you will gain a reputation for selling high-quality products.